ultoday's favorite malcontent, miscreant and misanthrope asks a very serious question:

Why the #*¢%! are you wearing purple and gold on our campus?

Perhaps my least favorite thing about being a student at the University of Louisiana is that on almost a daily basis while going from class to class, I’ll walk past a few fellow students wearing purple and gold.

Although the number of students in Ragin’ Cajuns gear greatly outnumbers the small Corndog contingency, it is still disappointing to see the misguided and misled minority openly supporting our in-state rival, on our campus.

Rather than just bitching and moaning about my pet peeve, I’ve decided to write a short but informative list of reasons why students should choose to leave their LSUA&MC@BR gear at home when coming to campus.

1. They Don’t Like You

As anyone who has ever worn the vermilion & white around a raucous group of Tiguh fans can tell you, the first and most obvious reason why you should leave your purple at home is: They don’t like you.

I mean they really, really don’t like you.

Though the Tiguhs would never openly admit it, for years UL has been a thorn in the side of the ever-glowing state school in Baton Rouge. Despite our rapid growth in academics, research, fundraising, graduate programs, facilities, and our rising national recognition, they still want to pretend that we're a second rate university. In all aspects.

Meanwhile, they are starting to hear footsteps. There is a growing uneasiness in Refineryville that Louisiana is rapidly gaining ground. And in some areas, they know that we have passed them up.