ultoday's favorite malcontent, miscreant and misanthrope asks a very serious question:

Why the #*¢%! are you wearing purple and gold on our campus?

Perhaps my least favorite thing about being a student at the University of Louisiana is that on almost a daily basis while going from class to class, I’ll walk past a few fellow students wearing purple and gold.

Although the number of students in Ragin’ Cajuns gear greatly outnumbers the small Corndog contingency, it is still disappointing to see the misguided and misled minority openly supporting our in-state rival, on our campus.

Rather than just bitching and moaning about my pet peeve, I’ve decided to write a short but informative list of reasons why students should choose to leave their LSUA&MC@BR gear at home when coming to campus.

1. They Don’t Like You

As anyone who has ever worn the vermilion & white around a raucous group of Tiguh fans can tell you, the first and most obvious reason why you should leave your purple at home is: They don’t like you.

I mean they really, really don’t like you.

Though the Tiguhs would never openly admit it, for years UL has been a thorn in the side of the ever-glowing state school in Baton Rouge. Despite our rapid growth in academics, research, fundraising, graduate programs, facilities, and our rising national recognition, they still want to pretend that we're a second rate university. In all aspects.

Meanwhile, they are starting to hear footsteps. There is a growing uneasiness in Refineryville that Louisiana is rapidly gaining ground. And in some areas, they know that we have passed them up.

After Tuesday night's 11-5 baseball victory over the Tiguhs, anti-UL sentiment poured out of popular Corndog sports forum TigerDroppings.com  If any doubt remains in your mind about how LSUA&MC@BR fans really feel about UL and its students, click on these links:
    How sad is [sic] ULL fans?
    ULL Jokes 
My favorite quote: "Those sorry ****s should get treated like sassy-mouthed, red-headed stepchildren." Gee Tiguh fans, tell us how you really feel.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how much purple and gold you put on, you are still a UL student, so they still really don't like you.

2. You are a Billboard of Failure

Judging by your purple and gold themed flip flops, basketball shorts, T-shirt, and baseball hat, it seems obvious that you had your heart set on becoming a Corndog. But for one reason or another, you ended up here.

There is no doubt that LSUA&MC@BR is a more expensive school to attend than UL. Their admission standards are a little higher, but not enough to deter most of our students. But instead of embracing the school providing you a top-notch-- and affordable-- education, you still hold on to those Corndog dreams.

I don't know about anyone else, but every time I see one of these walking Tiguh billboards, I think to myself, "Why not just wear an 'I wasn't good enough' sign around your neck?" Sure, you're making it clear that you're not where you want to be.

But you are also basically advertising that you're a failure. 

When you wear purple and gold on campus you aren't rejecting UL. You're rejecting yourself.  I just don't get it.

3. Red is Better

Little red dress. Little Red Corvette. Red roses. Red letter day. Lady in Red. Fine red wine. 'Nature, red in tooth and claw'. Red sky at night. Paint the town red.

On the other hand, purple-faced, purple onions, purple prose, purple speech, purple haze, purple-bottomed monkey and purple monkey dishwasher. Purple dates in the Catholic calendar. Even Henoch-Shönlein purpura (look it up).

Face it, red is just sexier.

Now don't get me wrong, I might throw on a little purple-- with green and gold-- during Mardi Gras. But do you really think John Wayne ever said, "I really like this shirt, pilgrim.

"But do you have it in purple?"

No way. Bottom line, if it's not Mardi Gras and you aren't Kobe Bryant, purple should really be left out of your wardrobe.

4. Get Behind Your School

The Tiguhs have a great sports program.

We have a great University, and a great community. Face it, who would pick Barry Bonds over his own friends and family? But that's about what you say when you wear purple and gold on the UL campus: "Nobody over there gives a damn about me, and they never will. But hey, I'll still kiss their backsides because they've got a great football team!"

Sure, we've had our sports successes, and by the look of things we're about to have a lot more. So? Is your idea of a great school based on the won-lost record?

And think about this: if UL starts beating State in all sports, are you going to switch colors and wear vermilion and white? Are your loyalties based on whoever's winning at the moment?

If so, how can you claim to have any loyalties whatsoever?

The bottom line is, you are a student of The University of Louisiana. And although you may want to be somewhere else, the majority of us are very proud to be where we are.

So when you are getting dressed for school tomorrow, and that purple and gaudy t-shirt is staring you in the face, think about what wearing that shirt says about you. Think about what it says to all the people that worked hard to be here.

Think about John Wayne.

I'm hoping for your sake and mine, that you put the purple down. It's only one less Corndog on campus, but it's definitely a good start.

Sam Stokes is a senior in Media Advertising at UL. He plays guitar with T-Ray & Sam, and attends almost every Cajuns sporting event he can. To read more of his writings, click on his name at the top of this article.

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