The Ann Arbor Film Festival, internationally recognized as one of the premier film festivals, will be presented at the Acadiana Center for the Arts Sunday November 21 at 2pm. This festival features the best in avant-garde animation, video and film.

The Ann Arbor Film Festival presents an annual slate of experimental film, narratives and documentaries, and animation in a packaged program designed to present ground-breaking new works in film and cinema.
The festival will consist of two 90-minute programs of short films, as follows.

Program One

[91 min - preview clips available on Vimeo here]

Wednesday Morning Two A.M.
Lewis Klahr | Los Angeles, CA | 6 minutes [Tiger Award at Int'l Film Festival Rotterdam 2010]
This is the first completed film of a new series entitled “Couplets”. These will generally, but not exclusively, organize themselves around the pairing of various pop songs and just as in these songs lyrics, the theme of love. —L.K.

Attack of the Robots from Nebula-5
Chema García Ibarra | Elche, SPAIN | 7 minutes [Funniest Film Award 48th AAFF]
Almost everybody is going to die very soon.

Missed Aches
Joanna Priestley | Portland, OR | 4 minutes [Jury Award at Black Maria Festival 2010]
Have you ever worked very horde on a paper for English clash, just to get a very glow raid? Proofreading your peppers is a matter of the the utmost impotence! Missed Aches demonstrates how the shortcomings of spellcheck can result in unexpected double entendres.

From the Archives of an Inventor
Stephen Wetzel | Milwaukee, WI | 20 minutes [Jury Award 48th AAFF]
Invention and America seem inseparable. The country has a restless image of itself as a work in progress; and the character at its core is the inventor — equal parts entrepreneur and crackpot, path-setter and outsider. Wetzel’s piece is a found-footage exploration of one such character, a Midwestern inventor whose house has been transformed into a playful model of the future with mechanized armchairs and a domestic robot.

Please Say Something
David O’Reilly | Berlin, Germany | 10 minutes [Best Animated Film Award 48th AAFF]
A troubled relationship between a Cat and Mouse set in the distant Future. 23 episodes of exactly 25 seconds each.

Black Rain
Semiconductor | Brighton, England | 3 minutes
Working with STEREO satellite scientists, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) collected all the HI (Heliospheric Imager) image data to date, revealing the journey of the satellites from their initial orientation, to their current tracing of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Solar wind, CME’s, passing planets and comets orbiting the sun can be seen as background stars and the milky way pass by.

Travelling Fields
Inger Lise Hansen | Oslo, Norway | 9 min. [Most Technically Innovative Film 48th AAFF
N. American premiere at 48th AAFF]
Moving between different topographies and locations in the Kola Peninsula, Northern Russia, this film explores sections of the landscape by moving the camera upside/down, one frame at the time, along a track. The work focuses on a particular phenomenon occurring through a change of perspective and animated camera movements, as a way of redefining a place and its geography.

Portrait #3: House of Sound
Vanessa Renwick | Portland, OR | 11 minutes [Feeding the Soul Award 48th AAFF]
Through radio interviews and a photography-driven visit to the neighborhood of record store “House of Sound” long after the wrecking ball, this film reflects the soul of a mix-tape era of music and the heart of a community-based business. Renwick’s latest in her ongoing “Portrait” series of stories in Portland, Oregon.

Fantasy Suite
Kent Lambert | Chicago, IL | 7 minutes
A meditation on mainstream American heterosexual romance. – K.L.

Beauty Plus Pity
Duke & Battersby | Syracuse, NY | 14 minutes [Best of Festival Award 48th AAFF]
Presented in seven parts, “Beauty Plus Pity” contemplates the shame and beauty of existence; it is part apologia, part call to arms. -D&B

Program Two

[92 min - preview clips available on Vimeo here]

Mecanismo Olvidador (Forgetter Mechanism)
Juan Gonzalez | Los Angeles, CA | 3 minutes [N. American premiere at 48th AAFF]
A view of life as a pendulum. For Schopenhauer, “Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom” and the metaphor is intriguing. This hand drawn animation is a personal representation of life as a vertiginous journey. -J.C.G.

Scene 32
Shambhavi Kaul | Durham, NC | 6 minutes
The salt fields of Central Kutch are examined through High Definition video and hand processed Hi contrast 16mm film to become another thing altogether: neither a specific location in India nor its representation, but a rebuilt world of precipices and gullies, untouchable textures and unfathomable scale.

Triumph of the Wild
Martha Colburn | New York, NY | 5 minutes
This is a chronological film of America beginning with the American Revolution, and WW1 & 2. “The hunting impulse as a primary force, the impotence of man in the face of nature, the senseless dominance of weapons, and destructive violence – all with an imagined ideal state of affairs in mind – represent major motifs.” – Birgid Uccia

Songs from the Shed
Melika Bass | Chicago, IL | 23 minutes [Best Cinematography Award 48th AAFF]
A decayed slice of Midwestern Gothic. Part musical, part melodrama. A fractured, makeshift family ekes out a meditative existence, their
lives mysteriously intertwined through ritual and habit.

Sleeping Bear
Jack Cronin | Ann Arbor, MI | 11 minutes [Best Michigan Filmmaker Award 48th AAFF]
Filmed at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in northern Michigan over the course of three years, this work, which loosely follows the cycle of seasons, is a study of the landscape and an attempt to represent the unique character of this region.

Twist of Fate
Karen Aqua | Cambridge, MA | 9 minutes [Eileen Maitland Award 48th AAFF]
This 35mm experimental animated film explores the transformative
experience of being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. This expressionistic piece captures impressions of such an experience: upheaval, uncertainty, a sense of physical intrusion, and loss of control. Exploring this emotional and physical landscape, the film
visualizes an internal world inside the body, imagined on a cellular level.

Laura Kraning | Altadena, CA | 10 minutes [Jury Award 48th AAFF]
At the last drive-in movie theater in Los Angeles, dislocated Hollywood images filled with apocalyptic angst float within the desolate nocturnal landscape of the City of Industry. In this border zone, re-framed and mirrored projections collide with the displaced radio broadcast soundtrack, revealing overlapping realities at the intersection of nostalgia and alienation.

Still Raining, Still Dreaming
Phil Solomon | Broomfield, Colorado | 15 minutes
Phil Solomon uses the animated world of the Grand Theft Auto videogame as source material to create a powerful, elegiac work. The last installment of Solomon’s three-part series In Memoriam (for Mark LaPore).

Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis
Daichi Saito | Montreal, Canada | 10 minutes [Best of Festival 48th AAFF]
The second collaboration, between Saïto and composer/violinist Malcolm Goldstein, who composed and performed for the film the original structured improvisation score, “Hues of the Spectrum.” The film explores familiar landscape imagery Saïto and Goldstein share in their neighbourhood at the foot of Mount-Royal Park in Montréal, Canada. Using the images of maple trees in the park as main visual motif, Saïto creates a film in which the formations of the trees and their subtle interrelation with the space around them act as an agent to transform viewer’s sensorial perception of the space portrayed. Entirely hand-processed by the filmmaker, Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis, with the contrapuntal violin by Goldstein, is a poem of vision and sounding that seeks certain perceptual insight and revelation through a syntactical structure based on patterns, variations and repetition.

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