There are people all around who fight struggles the rest of us cannot imagine.   The first thing you notice about Paul Domingue is that he's one cool guy... he's Drew Brees in the forth quarter, an 'I've been there before' kinda cool.

The guy is a rock. reporter Sam Stokes recently sat down with Paul Domingue for an interview.

Tell us your story.

Where do I start? When I was born I was really sick. The doctors diagnosed me with a disease called biliary atresia [a rare condition in newborns in which the passage between the liver and small intestine is blocked or absent].

Does biliary atresia run in your family?

No, I'm the only one. But my family does have a history of medical problems. My brother also had a liver transplant for an unrelated problem, my mom had breast cancer, and my dad had liver disease. My parents also went through a divorce while I was growing up. I know it's not a medical thing, but it did have a big impact on me.

Anyway, at seven months I had a liver transplant. Thirteen years later, while I was in 8th grade, the medicine I was taking for the liver caused my kidneys to fail. I then had to have a kidney transplant.

You've had two organ transplants? How rare is that?

Well I don't really know the statistics, but the doctors tell me that the odds of winning the lottery are six times are better than having two organ transplants.

So what is it like being a double organ transplant survivor?

For one thing, it gives you a different perspective on life. I know it's kind of cliché, but I really appreciate every day. I understand how fragile life is.

I also have a huge scar that runs across my abdomen. My friends call it the “shark bite”, every now and then they will try to convince somebody that I've been attacked by a shark. I like to have fun with it. You have to have a sense of humor about this stuff.

I have to take somewhere around 250 pills a month. I'm pretty much a pill swallowing master at this point. My immune system is weak so I'm very susceptible to sickness and diseases. When that case of the mumps broke out on campus a few months ago I stayed home for like two weeks. I'm also not allowed to play contact sports, or drink alcohol because of my liver. I mean, I can have a drink every now and then, but never more than one.