Rigglefish also possess some traits that make them difficult to breed in captivity, including a sensitivity to low pressure environments, sharp spikes, and their distinctive wiggle. Players work in a top-secret underwater research lab to breed a type of Rigglefish that produces Omega X and that can be farmed to provide a source for the needed protectant. To accomplish this task, students must determine, through observation and testing, the phenotypes and genotypes of fish they collect, then breed these fish to obtain the target fish. Rigglefish contains all the virtual scientific instruments and information resources that students need to breed the target fish, which players use within the context of a compelling task.

There are three levels of Rigglefish, each appropriate for different grade levels of learners. Level 1 is designed to match the National Science Education standards for middle school. Level 2 is appropriate for high school biology classes. Level 3 is the most challenging and is appropriate for advanced high school learners and beyond.

About the Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Adobe, a leading developer of software for creative professionals, offers an annual design competition for student and faculty created projects. The competition showcases student and faculty projects in higher education covering various categories including graphic design, photography, illustration, animation, digital films, and interactive educational media.  Visit the ADAA 2011 website here.

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