The total operating budget (state funding and self-generated revenue) for the eight campuses in the University of Louisiana System essentially stayed the same this year despite the loss of $95 million in federal funding according to a budget presentation to the Board of Supervisors at its August meeting.  The UL System is last among the 16 states in combined state & tuition funding.

“Usually we would not be thrilled to have a static budget but knowing the fiscal realities of the state and the nation, our lawmakers and the administration really pulled through for higher education,” said UL System President Randy Moffett.

One notable difference in this year’s operating budget is a shift between the amount of university support funded by the state and the students. “With a long history of very low tuition and fees, the majority of operating revenue for Louisiana colleges and universities has come from the state. This year that changed due to declining state resources and modest tuition increases,” said UL System Assistant Vice President for Budget and Finance Edwin Litolff.

Even with tuition increases authorized through the GRAD Act, attending a Louisiana public university remains over $1,000 cheaper than the southern average. Additionally, Louisiana’s total funding per student, which includes both state funding and tuition and fees, remains last in the southern region.

“We are now entering our third straight year of doing more with less. That is not just less than what we have been operating with, it is less than our competitors outside of the state. Our university presidents and their teams should be commended for pushing through these tough fiscal times while consistently raising performance,” said Moffett.

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Funding Comparisons

State Appropriations Per Student (Public 4-Year)
$6,178—SREB Average
(13th of 16 states)

Net Tuition & Fee Revenue Per Student (Public 4-Year)
$6,873—SREB Average
(15th of 16 states)

Total Funding Per Student (Public 4-Year)
$13,051—SREB Average
$ 9,186—Louisiana
(16th of 16 states)

The Board of Supervisors for the University of Louisiana System approved the following requests:

Grambling: proposed reorganization of Division of Academic Affairs.
La Tech: Proposal for a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Engineering.
La Tech: Letter of Intent for a Doctor of Philosophy degree program in Molecular Sciences and Nanotechnology.
Nicholls: award an Honorary Doctorate of Commerce to Mr. John D. Folse at the Fall 2011 Commencement Exercises.
Northwestern: award an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters to Mr. Earl J. Barbry at the Fall 2011 Commencement Exercises.
UL: Proposal for a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering.
UL Monroe: Cooperative Endeavor Agreements with four international universities.

Southeastern: contract with Mr. Jay Artigues, Head Baseball Coach, effective June 1, 2011.
Southeastern: contract with Mr. Tim Baldwin, Head Golf Coach, effective June 1, 2011.
Southeastern: contract with Ms. Lori Davis Jones, Women’s Basketball Head Coach, effective June 1, 2011.
UL Monroe: complimentary ticket policy.

UL System: Fiscal Year 2010-11 Financial and Compliance Representation Letters for La Tech, Nicholls, Northwestern, Southeastern and UL.

La Tech: name Hideaway Park the Garland Gregory Hideaway Park.
La Tech: amend resolution to execute a land swap.
McNeese: enter into a Ground Lease Agreement and Agreement to Lease with Option to Purchase with Cowboy Facilities, Inc. to develop and construct a parking garage on the campus.
Nicholls: name the Drilling Fluids Laboratory in honor of the late John. L. “Bubba” Hale.
Nicholls: name 310 Gouaux Hall in honor of the late Harold C. “Charlie” Poche, Jr.
Northwestern: name the NSU Multi-Purpose Pavilion “Collins Pavilion.”
UL: ratification of the Crowne Plaza Lease for Emergency Student Housing.
UL: demolish two residential facilities, Mildred Street House A and Mildred Street House B (adjacent to the UL Continuing Education building on Johnston).
UL Monroe: name the Administration Building the George T. Walker Building.

Nicholls: enter into an Affiliation Agreement with Friends of the Louisiana Center for Women and Government, Inc.
Nicholls: enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the South Louisiana Economic Council.
Southeastern: establish a contract rate for the Early Start Program.
Southeastern: refinance the Student Recreation and Activity Center Revenue Bonds.
UL System: Fiscal Year 2011-12 Operating Budgets, including organizational charts, undergraduate/graduate mandatory attendance fees, and scholarships.

Grambling: appoint Mr. Aaron James as Interim Athletic Director, effective July 1, 2011.
La Tech: appoint Dr. Donald P. Kaczvinsky as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, effective September 1, 2011.
McNeese: appoint Dr. Banamber Mishra as Interim Dean of the College of Business, effective August 10, 2011.
Nicholls: continue the appointment of Dr. J. Steven Welsh as Interim Dean of the College of Education, effective July 1, 2011.
Nicholls: appoint Dr. John Doucet as Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, effective July
1, 2011.
UL: continue the appointment of Mr. Ken Ardoin as Interim Vice President for University Advancement, effective July 1, 2011.
UL: appoint Dr. David Breaux as Dean of the Graduate School, effective August 1, 2011.

Personnel Actions
UL System: revision to Board Rules, Chapter III. Faculty and Staff, Section XIII. Emeritus Titles.
UL System: revision to Board Rules, Chapter IV. Finance and Business, Section V. Student Fees, K. Self-Assessed Fees.

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