The AEE and are proud to launch the new website for UL's student newspaper, The Vermilion, which can be seen at

In 2007, the Acadiana Educational Endowment applied for a grant to the Knight Foundation to provide on-line newspapers to schools.  Internet news seemed to be a perfect way to engage students in reading, writing, critical thinking, and civic activism.  Although the AEE did not receive the grant, in February of 2008, the Lafayette-based nonprofit launched to begin learning about on-line publishing.

Those who have followed have seen it slowly grow from a small, awkward platform with occasional articles, to an increasing number and variety of articles, and in October of 2008, to the establishment of a completely new, Drupal-based platform. What many people may not realize is that by making use of modern technology-- Open Source software, eMail and the Internet-- that the content of has been maintained almost completely by a single person, largely in his spare time.

As a result of that effort, today, April 8 2008, the AEE is proud to announce the formal launch of a new web version of UL's student newspaper, The Vermilion, hosted on the AEE's servers at  In the upcoming months, the AEE will begin offering the same service to other Louisiana schools and colleges.

The Trifle,