For the third year in a row, the University of Louisiana is recognizing faculty members as Outstanding Advisors.

Forty-five advisors with three or more years of advising experience received $1,000 awards while 10 new faculty advisors with less than three years advising experience received $500 awards.

“It is nice once again to honor our faculty advisors with these awards,” said UL President Ray Authement. “For the last three years, we’ve been able to recognize them with these awards for their exemplary work with our students. These faculty members are true leaders.”

In order to be eligible, advisors must have had a minimum of 20 advisees or removed at least 20 advising holds and must have attended at least two advising symposiums, trainings or conferences last year.

The Advising Awards Selection Committee made the selections based on several criteria including: assessment by advisees, recommendations from department heads and deans, statement of advisor's philosophy and profiles of candidates' advisees. Special consideration was also given to applicants who participated in orientation advising last summer and those who had not previously won this award.

Those receiving $1000 awards were:

Arts – Andrea Loewy, Michael McClure, Robert McKinney, Thomas Sammons and John Gargano;

Business Administration – Ellen Cook, Sandra Scheuermann, Thomas Wilson, Brandi Guidry, Michael Totaro, Denis Boudreaux, William Ferguson, Anthony Greco, Mary Luquette, Kerry Carson, Paula Carson, Rebecca Dubois, Gwen Fontenot and Jerilyn Hill;

Education – Christine Briggs, Ann Guillory, Mary Keller, Louise Prejean, Alice Voorhies, Donna Wadsworth, Elizabeth Webre, Douglas Williams, Jacqueline Benedik, John Dawson and Toby Dore;

Engineering – Theodore Kozman;

Liberal Arts – Paula Broussard, Alice Ferguson, James McDonald and Nancy Coghill;

Sciences – Pegge Alciatore, Bruce Felgenhauer, Sherry Krayesky, Patricia Mire-Watson, James Etheredge, Winona Etheredge, Toni Cade, Anita Hazelwood, Carol Venable and Roger Waggoner.

Those receiving $500 were:

Arts – Jeffery Lush;

Business Administration – Anna Maples, Catherine Broussard and Geoffrey Stewart;

Education – Albertaeve Abington-Pitre, David Beard and Peter Sheppard;

Engineering – Afef Fekih and Ahmet Khattab;

Liberal Arts – George Cross.